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The Brothers. Cosmic personifications of not merely two universes, but dual Multiverses. For eons they have been kept separate by a vast multiverse spanning wall known as The SOURCE. The last time they became aware of each other's presence they waged a mighty war with one another and nearly destroyed all of time and space. They then came to an agreement and called a truce of sorts. The two came together as one. And as they did, so did all creation as well. This brought about new histories, new realities, new lifetimes. However it was not yet time for such a meeting. Two cosmic beings and a man called Access joined forces to undo their forced union and they separated, forgetting each other once more.

Since that time they have slept. Each one thinking and dreaming for seconds/eons/minutes/years. When they awoke again, they decided it was time to join together once more.

It's been over 5 years since the two multiverses became one. In that time, the Phoenix exited the body of Jean Grey on a journey to explore the newly formed cosmos, and new alliances were formed when Super Boy Prime attacked the US, destroying half of New York City and continuing his rampage, flipping the entire city of Detroit upside down and decimating it's entire population in one terrifying blow. After his defeat, the angry youth was rehabilitated, and sent to the future where he would join the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.

The reconstruction of New York City is nearing completion, with help from Cir-El and many others. And progress has been made in transforming the devastated land where Detroit was into the country’s largest memorial park.

T h e W o r l d

Here you'll find a map that will help put the combined DC and Marvel world in perspective. It may be updated occasionally as I find out more of the DC Universe Locations:

When the two worlds were merged, important cities like Metropolis and Gotham, were shuffled around during the merge. Because of this the people of the new world had to relearn the entire layout of their cities, since the docks and wharfs have all been moved around to accommodate the fact that they are now on the west coast.

Sometimes community wide events will occur. They effect the game world and help to create a time-line for our new Worlds history.

When the story began, it had been roughly two weeks since the merge. Not all of the beings from each universe knew about each other yet, and it was hard to tell who is a hero and who is a villain in this strange co-mingled 'verse. A few years have gone by since then however, and a lot has happened. There are still some though who are not yet adjusted.


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